World’s First Kitty Train Raises Awareness For At-Risk Cats

All aboard the kitty train! The Japanese rescue group, Sanctuary recently came up with an innovative idea to help change the cultural perception of cats and promote feline adoption. Inspired by the popularity of Sanctuary’s own chain of cat cafes, the rescue teamed up with Yoro Railway to plan a unique day of food, fun and furry friends aboard the train that runs between Ogaki and Ikeno.

Tickets for the one-day-only Cat Cafe Train event went on sale August 7 and all 40 spots sold out the very same day! Passengers enjoyed a bento boxed lunch, some special sweet treats, unlimited travel on Yoro Railway for the day, and the company of 30 adorable cats and kittens!

All of the feline train riders were once set to be culled before being saved by the Sanctuary. The kitty train event was designed to promote awareness of the plight of Japan’s estimated 9.8 million cats and encourage more citizens to adopt.

Dogs are currently the preferred pet in Japan, but cat ownership is on the rise and the number of felines admitted to and euthanized in shelters is rapidly improving. 72,624 cats entered Japanese shelters in 2016 compared to 237,246 in 2004 – a remarkable 70% decrease! This change has helped reduce the number of cats culled by 80% since 2004.

A portion of the proceeds from the ticket sales were donated back to Sanctuary to help them rescue even more cats!


H/T to The Economic Times

Featured Images via Facebook/Daily Mail Australia

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