Winston The Cat Prefers Sitting Like A Human… And Even With His Tongue Sticking Out!


If cats have an attitude, then this little fellow has got himself one heck of a cattitude. Winston Smushface the Persian cat is like any other cat who is particular about certain things. And for this orange tabby, he is finicky in the way that he sits–upright like a human! We’ve seen cats sit before this way, but not really intentionally, except for that one cat who sat outside on the table like a human… wait, wasn’t he an ginger tabby, too?? We may be starting to see a pattern here!

Okay, so back to Winston: This tabby from the down under came into his human’s life as a kitten, and even from an early age she started to notice these strange, very un-catlike behaviors in her fluffy feline friend. Given his flat face, Winston Smushface was born! His human began to document her cat’s peculiar behaviors and started sharing the images on Instagram for the world to see and enjoy. We must admit, the little dude is pretty cute!

“We got Winston when he was six months old as a birthday present for Jessie. Turns out he’s the gift that keeps on giving! He has been absolutely hilarious from the get go. He’s very affectionate and loves to play. He’s definitely very chill for a cat and loves to be around people. Neither of us ever imagined he’d get this much attention. It’s been really fun and entertaining,” said his cat daddy, Nicholas Atkins.

Mr. Smushface and his humans, Nicholas Atkins and Jessie Jones, reside in Queensland, Australia, where he spends his days doing what he does best–chilling out and being a cat! If you’d like to see more of him, feel free to check him out on Instagram, @winstonsmushface

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