Why Do Cats Love Shoes So Much? Here Are Some Possible Explanations

For some reason, tons of cat owners will verify that they have or have had a cat that loves to lay on shoes. Something about that intoxicating scent of a million different smells mixed together on the bottom of your feet intrigues your little buddy, he wants to smell where you’ve been all day. Another possible reason for the complex love of shoes cats have could be that they are reclaiming their territory whenever you come home and slip your shoes off. Cats actually have scent glands in their foreheads and cheeks so rubbing their face against objects like shoes or blankets, even you is a type of marking territory. Your scent is comforting, it may sound strange but some cats really are calmed and relaxed by the smell of our sweat and react to it very positively.

So here’s Apollo, who finds true comfort in shoes and describes them as the purrr-fect place to relax and unwind. He also shares his sweet little story about his love for all the different types of shoes!

Cardboard boxes and shoes are two of the most common feline obsessions, and hopefully this helped you understand why shoes are so sought after in the cat world!

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