When Mom Cleans The Bed, These Two Fearless Kittens Attack The Vacuum Cleaner!

| Published on June 17, 2015

Most cats are pretty scared of the vacuum. Some dogs are too. For some reason they think the vacuum is some kind of monster who’s out to get them. It’s probably the sound of the vacuum cleaner that terrifies them. That strange and kind of menacing sound make vacuums appear and sound dangerous, in the eyes of your pet.

But unlike most cats and most dogs who are terrified of the vacuum cleaner, these two kittens attack the vacuum with no hesitation! Whenever their mom cleans the bed, these two fearless kitties go right after the vacuum cleaner! Watch the video below and see them in action!

They may be a little cautious about the curious vacuum cleaner, but they’re definitely not scared of it!

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