These Six Cats Are Weighing Themselves, One By One

| Published on June 17, 2015

Animals don’t care about their weight as much as humans do. Humans are just more vain when it comes to appearances. So it doesn’t really matter to them how much they eat and how much they weigh. However, we know that having too little or too much to eat can be dangerous for our pet’s health. So it’s our duty to take care of them and make sure they have just enough food to eat.

These cats however, seem to like to weigh themselves. One by one they climbed on a basket on top of a weighing scale. Maybe they just love to sit on that basket. But nevertheless, it’s so cute watching them weigh themselves on the scale! Watch the video below!

What a brilliant way to have cats weigh themselves! It’s so cute how they take turns sitting on that basket!

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