What This Firefighter Finds In A Brush Fire On Live TV Is Amazing

| Published on May 9, 2015

In Miami Florida, a reporter from TV station WPLG was delivering a live report about a brush fire that was burning southwest of Miami that had charred over 800 acres. As he was wrapping up his report about the fire, something unexpected happened behind him. A fireman came out of the woods, bringing with him a tiny black kitten wrapped in a towel, and handing it over to another firefighter.

The reporter quickly went over to the lady firefighter and asked about the kitten. It turns out, the poor kitty was found in the area where the fire was, hiding in a Modelo Beer box. There were no details if the kitten’s mother was found, or if the kitten had any other siblings. Watch the video below for the full story!

I’m so glad they found this poor little kitty!

This black kitty is very lucky, because he instantly found someone willing to give him a home. The firefighter said that she’s taking the kitten home with her. 🙂