Awesome Cats In Slow Motion

| Published on May 9, 2015

Cats have amazing reflexes. Their bodies are so flexible that we find it amazing how they can twist and turn even in midair. They can even fit in different containers of different shapes. It’s no wonder why they say cats are liquid! Their amazing reflexes and elasticity are just two of their many superpowers!

And to capture the beautiful nature of cats and their amazing reflexes, Purina Pro Plan partnered with filmmaker Darren Dyk, a cinematographer and creator of the popular YouTube channel BeyondSlowMotion.

In the video below, you will see stunning slow motion scenes of cats displaying the uniquely beautiful power of their bodies. Each and every motion is clearly shown and you can see how powerful their bodies are. They have powerful legs for amazing leaps, lightning-fast reflexes, and paws that are strong and nimble. Check out the awesome video below!

Aren’t they amazing? What a beautiful video!

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