Wendy Cat, A Chimera Beauty With One Gross Habit

Thanks to social media, cat lovers are treated to amazing cat photography on the regular. And while all cats are beautiful, some of them stand apart with their interesting quirks or fur patterns. Chimera cats certainly fall into this standing-out category with the dual coloring of their faces.

You’ve seen Venus, Narnia, Quimera, all lovely chimeras. But now, have a look at ‘Cat’!

Her name in Thai is แมว, which translates to ‘Cat’ in English. But the gorgeous two-face cat has an English alias too.

You can call her Wendy. Or as she’s known on Instagram, WendyTwofacescat.



Wendy Cat Says ‘Nice to Meet You’

Nearing two years old, Wendy lives in Thailand with her mom, Eve. And she’s been garnering lots of attention since Eve adopted her at 3 months old. With her split color face of candlelight cream melding into gray tabby patterning, Wendy is mesmerizing.

Her face’s spectacular divide travels down her front legs all the way to her furry little paws, but the clear-cut line fades into a mesh of tabby stripes and swatches of the palest orange on the rest of her coat.


And with round, yellow eyes, she looks like the picture of feline innocence, a purrfect angel who never gets in trouble!

Ok, stop laughing!

We all know cats are troublemakers and Wendy is no exception. Her bad habit? She destroys toilet paper, eating the paper as it’s her favorite snack. Her mom tries hard to keep her out of the rolls, but a cat with a habit is a hard thing to stop.

And as you see by the picture below, Wendy isn’t pleased when someone tries to take her shreddy prize.


And maybe she has one other little habit that isn’t so beautiful.

Friends With What?

Like other kitty angels, Wendy enjoys playing chase and batting things around. But it’s not toys the darling girl is enamored with. Wendy likes to play with cockroaches.


Eve told Metro, “She loves to play with cockroaches the most cuz they’re bigger than normal insects and can move fast.”

Wendy also likes them as “they can fly.”

But its not just about the chase with one special roach. Peter is more than a plaything in Wendy’s curious eyes. Eve even listed Peter the roach as Wendy’s closest friend in her Instagram bio. Charming and gross really…


But how does Eve feel about Wendy and Peter’s friendship?

“I’m scared when they play together.”

We can’t blame you there, Eve.

Cat parents sure love their cats, but sometimes their ways remind us that felines are truly weird and wild. Even when a cat is famous for her beautiful two-toned face, she’s still just a silly cat at heart!


H/T: www.metro.co.uk
Feature Image: @WendyTwofacescat/Instagram

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