Watch What Happens When Mama Cat Introduces Her Kittens To Her Dog Friend

| Published on December 9, 2015

Dogs and cats don’t have to be mortal enemies. We’ve seen plenty of dogs and cats who get along so well with each other, they even become the best of friends. And I gotta say that that kind of friendship is one of the most beautiful, because they respect and love each other despite their differences.

In the video below, you will see another beautiful friendship between a cat and a dog. And what makes this even more beautiful, is that the cat has so much trust in her dog friend that she even lets him meet her kittens. Watch the video below and see the precious moment when a mother cat lets her dog friend meet her kittens for the first time!

Awww…wasn’t that just precious? The mama cat sits close by and lets the dog play with her kittens!

We all could learn something from these animals. If we could just respect each other’s differences, we would all get along just fine.

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