5 Holiday Gifts Your Cat Will Purr About

| Published on December 9, 2015

With the holidays right around the corner, don’t forget to treat your most loyal and loving friend– your cat! We know this can be a hectic time, so we’ve done the footwork of finding some of the best and most kitty-alluring gifts out there. These should keep your cat purring right into the new year.

#1 – The Cat Fishing Pole

Image Source: CatchaCatFishinPoles via Etsy.com

This fishing pole will take your basic wand toy to the next level. Cast the toy mouse up to 40 feet across the room, then reel it back in, giving your cat the sense of a real mouse chase!

#2 – Catpods


Image Source: OriginalCatpods via Etsy.com

What if you could buy something that was a tunnel, a bed, a perch, and a scratcher all in one? You can! The Catpod is amazing. You can even sprinkle some catnip into the grooves of the corrugated cardboard to drive your cat bonkers.

#3 – Crocheted Cat Cave


This crocheted cat cave will give your cat the perfect cozy place to curl up to nap. Cats feel safest when they can feel that they’re surrounded on most sides, which eliminates the threat of being snuck up on by predators.

#4 – Upcycled Sweater Birds


Image Source: threesassysisters via Etsy.com

These sweet, vibrant birds are made from upcycled sweaters, then stuffed with catnip to drive your cat wild.

#5 – Bag o’ Catnip Coal Lumps


Image Source: housecatclub via Etsy.com

If your cat has been more naughty than nice this year, you may want to consider this bag of coal. Each lump is filled with catnip, so your cat will still think it’s a treat!