Watch This Blind Cat Mentoring Two Blind Kittens

| Published on May 27, 2015

We really love rescue stories. Especially when there’s a cat helping other cats. Those stories are indeed very special. Just like that blind cat who has his very own seeing eye cat. Seeing cats helping each other just warms our hearts.

And here we have another heartwarming story for you!

Everyone, meet Honey Bee–an amazing blind cat from Fiji! In the video below, you will see Honey Bee mentoring 2 blind kittens on how to be a blind cat. She guides and helps the kittens by giving them advice on being blind. Watch the cute and heartwarming video below!

Awwwww…aren’t they beautiful? It’s amazing how Honey Bee is helping those adorable kittens!

You can check more of Honey Bee at her Facebook page.