Watch As This Cat Gets His First Toothbrush!

| Published on September 10, 2015

This kitty appears to be a beautiful Ragdoll that’s just enjoyed a bath and blow dry, according to his owner. But today he gets to experience something completely new! Brushing your cat’s teeth might seem odd, but it actually has many benefits for the dental health of your feline friend. What’s funny is this silly cat’s reaction to the toothbrush. At first, he so desperately wants to bite and play with it, but soon he finds out the sensation is a little stranger than he expected! This video is too funny and hopefully this kitty recovers from his surprise toothbrush attack. Either way, we’re glad we got to see his hilarious initial reaction to at-home dental cleaning! It was certainly more entertaining than we thought it would be.

Thanks to this adorable Ragdoll’s owner, Matthew McEhlinn, for sharing this video with us on YouTube. For more videos of this cat, be sure to check out their channel!