In Her Quest For Warmth, Kitten Became Trapped Against Truck Tire

Written by: Julie Hunt
| Published on July 8, 2024

On a chilly day in Commerce City, Colorado, with temperatures plunging to a frosty 19°F, a visit to a tire shop took a heart-stirring turn. As a man approached a nearby truck, desperate cries pierced the cold air, drawing him toward a tiny Tabby kitten. Tragically, while trying to find warmth, the kitten became trapped, her paws frozen to the metal on a semi-trailer tire. Realizing the gravity of the situation, the man wasted no time. He carefully maneuvered under the semi-trailer and poured warm water onto the kitten’s paws and tail, painstakingly working to free her from the icy grip.

After nearly thirty minutes, he successfully detached the frightened kitten. The kitten, who was in pain and suffering from swollen paws, was immediately taken to a Colorado animal welfare organization for urgent medical care. Thanks to the veterinary staff’s diligent treatment, the little kitten began to heal. Her recovery continued in a foster home, where she received all the love and care she needed to regain her strength.

The man who rescued her couldn’t shake the bond formed during those critical moments under the truck. He had fallen for the brave little soul he had saved. Named Xerxes, after a Grecian king, the kitten flourished in her foster home, her traumatic past miraculously fading away.

When it came time to find Xerxes a permanent home, there was no question about who she would live with. The man who had rescued her from that freezing ordeal was ready to welcome her into his family for good. He officially adopted Xerxes, ensuring she would never again face the harsh realities of life on the streets.

Now, Xerxes relishes her days as a beloved indoor cat, enveloped in safety and affection. This moving rescue tale not only highlights the profound impact of human compassion but also celebrates the enduring connection forged between a man and the kitten he rescued, a bond that changed both their lives forever.

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