Top 5 Male & Female Cat Names of 2015. Did Your Cat’s Name Make the List?

| Published on October 2, 2015, a popular site known for connecting people with local, experienced, responsible pet sitters has done the footwork to compile a list of the most popular cat names of 2015. I think you’ll be surprised by what they found– I sure was!

While many of us are still naming our cats after pop culture trends (Elvis, Yoda, Rocky) or our favorite desserts (Butterscotch, Mocha), there has been a massive upswing in the trend of bestowing human names upon our feline friends. In fact, all ten of the top cat names of 2015 are traditionally human!

Did your cat’s name make the list?


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#5- Female Cats: Luna | Male Cats: Milo


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#4- Female Cats: Bella | Male Cats: Dexter


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#3 – Female Cats: Lucy | Male Cats: Jasper


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#2- Female Cats: Chloe | Male Cats: Jack


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Drum Roll……… #1- Female Cats: Lily | Male Cats: Charlie