Drowsy Kitty Tucks Herself In A Tiny Bed Mom Built For Her

Written by: Julie Hunt
| Published on March 7, 2024

As faithful cat lovers, we know for certain that felines are intelligent and adorable creatures. They make us smile just by being themselves. While some may argue that dogs are more loyal, cat owners know that their fur-critters are just as able to form unbreakable bonds with their human parents. This sweet video and story are proof of just that! This kitty is so cherished by her family that they are willing to go to the ends of the earth to make her happy and feel loved and secure.

In order to make her feel like a true family member, they decided to buy her something special. Like their human kids who have their own comfy beds, this kitty’s parents felt she deserved one, too! They scoured the internet searching for the perfect one. Fortunately, they used their good senses to pick a bed made for a child’s doll. This piece of furniture should suit her perfectly! They also picked out bedding that would fit.

The cat’s parents were so excited to get the bed and give it to their kitty daughter. When it arrived, her mom unpacked it from its box, put it together, added bedding, and placed it with her favorite Rudolph toy in the master bedroom. The cat, ready for slumber, came running in. She sniffs her new gift, eager to try it out. She is totally smitten and the bed becomes part of her nighttime ritual. She even learned to put herself in her bed each night. Just wait until you see the entire scene unfold. It’s too sweet for words! Don’t you just love cats? Yup, we do too!

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