Tough Cat With ‘Gentle’ Spirit Can Finally Relax And Heal In Loving Comfort

| Published on March 7, 2024

Mason, a stray cat, carries on his body the tales of survival and hardship. This large silver feline exudes strength and resilience, with his appearance suggesting he’s no stranger to confrontation. One of his ears is significantly reduced, a souvenir from his life in the wild, while the other ear displays marks from previous battles. The scars etched on his face and the improperly healed wounds on his body are testament to the numerous challenges he has faced.

Despite the rough exterior and evidence of a life marked by violence and injury, Mason possesses a surprisingly gentle and affectionate nature. Struggling against starvation and respiratory difficulties, he continues to fight for his life, showcasing an indomitable spirit.

And that’s how the sick cat came to the Lost Dog and Cat Rescue Foundation of Church, VA. The rescue contacted foster volunteer Jen, founder of the Playschool for Wayward Kittens, to help Mason get back on his paws.

When Jen met Mason, she was expecting a dirty cat who needed some cleaning up, but as she told LoveMeow, “he was greasy, congested, underweight, and timid. He would hide when he heard us coming and just peek out until he determined you were safe. Once he’s made that decision though, he’s on you like static cling.”

Time to Finally Relax and Heal

Mason obviously had to fight and struggle to survive and multiple vet trips have revealed quite the list of injuries and illness:

  • Malnourished
  • Upper respiratory infection
  • Ringworm, which caused his fur to come out in clumps
  • Rotting and broken teeth that needed removing
  • Swelling in two legs from “an old ‘crushing’ injury that healed poorly”

Because of X-rays and the scars across his legs, Jen shared, “The vets surmised that poor Mr. Mason got his legs trapped in something, but managed to extricate himself and heal.”

He may be overcoming a lot, but his big, yellow eyes speak of a kind spirit. And that’s exactly what’s coming out now that Mason knows comfort and safety.

“Mason may look like a scrappy tough guy, but he is really a sweet, gentle, little old teddy bear who wants nothing more than to be loved and pet.”

In fact, the handsome chap has decided “pets are pretty much the greatest thing ever and he will soak up all the cuddles (including belly rubs!) for as long as you’re willing to dispense them!”

“It is so sad to think about what Mason has been through and what a rough and painful life he had before coming to us.”

But thanks to Jen, Mason can put the past behind him and enjoy life as a pampered house cat, purring himself to sleep with a full belly!

Feature Image: @pokeypotpie/Instagram