This Unique Lip Gloss Makes You Feel Like You’re Kissing A Cat’s Nose

Written by: Adri Sandoval
Adri Sandoval is the Special Projects Manager for iHeartDogs and iHeartCats. Her work has deepened her love for animals, fostering a strong passion for rescue and animal advocacy.Read more
| Published on March 12, 2017

We love giving our feline friends kisses, and their soft, cool noses are often a favorite spot.

That’s why a Japanese company called Felissimo just launched a new lip gloss that simulates kissing a kitty’s nose!

The gloss is applied with a rollerball and has a cooling ingredient to replicate the feeling of a cat’s nose. According to the website, it has a powdery milk scent, perhaps like what you’d smell after kissing a kitty that’s just had her snout in a saucer.

Image Source: Felissimo


For just 1,300 yen (or $11), you can purchase a tube in one of three shades and get the sensation of giving kitten kisses any time you’d like!

Image Source: Felissimo


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(h/t: cnet)