This Unique Backpack Allows You To Carry Your Cat Everywhere & Lets Them See The World


Unlike dogs, most cats are a little (or a lot!) hesitant to go for a walk. According to, cats, especially the shy and timid ones, are easily scared by new experiences and environments if it’s introduced too quickly.

Since we all know that cats may be hesitant to go for a walk, but they love to look out the window and watch the world outside, this company has designed the perfect carrier for your cat. This unique backpack by U-Pet lets your cat get a glimpse of the world with its semi-sphere window.

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드디어 겟!!!!
지디 생일에 맞춰서 사려고 벼르고 있었는데, 배송료 무료라는 말에 혹해서 질러버린 지디랑 깔맞춤한 노랑이 유펫우주선가방

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