Meet The Maine Coon Cat Whose Long Tail May Hold A New World Record!


Meet Cygnus, the Maine Coon cat who just may have the world’s longest tail!

A native of Detroit, Michigan, Cygnus is only about one years old, so his incredibly long tail is still growing!

According to Love Meow, the current record holder for the longest cat tail belongs to Stewie, who unfortunately passed away in 2013. Also a Maine Coon, Stewie’s tail measured 16.3 inches. Incidentally, this kitty also held the record for the world’s longest cat, measuring a whopping 48.5 inches in length.

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While Cygnus’ body isn’t nearly as long, this 15-pound fuzzball has a tail that measures two inches longer than the World Record holder.

Check out Cygnus’ tail in comparison to his brothers!

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“His tail is currently about 18.4 inches long (if you count fluff it’s like 24) measured from the tail base to the end of actual skin,” said Dr. Will Powers, a family physician in Michigan to Love Meow.

“[It is] well over the world record now of 16.3 and showing no signs of stopping. The tail grows by about half an inch every month or so. It’s starting to look almost weird on him,” he continued.

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According to an Instagram post, approval is pending for Cygnus to be the official Guinness World Record holder for his tail!

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Cygnus’ family says that he is a big, gentle lovebug who enjoys affection and has a naturally calm demeanor.

Check out Cygnus as a baby!

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Look at that luxurious coat! What a beautiful cat!

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A photo posted by Detroit (@starcats_detroit) on

Check out more pictures of Cygnus on Instagram @starcats_detroit.

(h/t: Love Meow)

Written by Karen Harris

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