This Paralyzed Rescue Kitten Loves Getting Around In Her Lego Wheelchair


When this weeks-old kitten was abandoned by her mom, a passerby knew she was in dire need of help and took her to the Massapequa Pet Vet in New York.

They named the kitten Mac, and because her hind legs are paralyzed, she can’t walk. According to NBC New York, when she first got the the clinic, she didn’t move much and just laid in her cage. Poor baby!!

But then, one of the vet techs fashioned a makeshift wheelchair out of Lego pieces, and suddenly Mac’s disposition completely changed: she took off like a racehorse!

Watch that kitty zoom!

The vets believe this little kitten still has feeling in her back legs, and have high hopes that with rehabilitation and treatment, she’ll be able to walk again–maybe even within a few weeks. Eventually, she’ll be put up for adoption when the time is right.

Follow Massapequa Pet Vet on Facebook. Good luck to Mac, and we hope you find the purrfect forever home!

(h/t: NBC New York)

Written by Karen Tietjen

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