This Momma Cat Has Three ‘Yellow Kittens’!

It’s so sweet and precious when a mama cat adopts another animal and treat him like her own. Just like that adorable teacup pig who was adopted by a mama cat. Stewart the teacup pig was adopted by a cat and he just loves to cuddle with his kitten siblings.

Now this cat surprised her humans when she took 3 little ducklings under her care. A couple in Ireland own a small farm where they raised different animals. They got some fertilized duck eggs to add to the farm animals that they own. But on the day the duck eggs hatched, they found a sweet and adorable surprise! Watch the video below for the full story! Be sure to watch till the very end of the video!

Oh my gosh! Wasn’t that just precious!? What makes this video even sweeter is that the ducks still have an attachment to the mama cat even when they’ve grown older and bigger! It’s beautiful and amazing!

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