This Kitty Proves He’s A Lover Not A Fighter!

| Published on November 28, 2015

Cats get a bad rap when it comes to hunting. If it scurries, flies or swims, the cat is sure to go after it. However, this adorable Ragdoll is proving that some cats are lovers, not fighters!

How so? Well this “fish” (it’s really a toy…after all, clown fish are saltwater fish, and not usually found in someone’s outdoor fountain) is stuck in the filter. Poor guy!


Now, you would expect this cat to take advantage of the fact that his “prey” is stuck…easy pickings, right?

And it certainly looks like it as he reaches he paw over and bats at the fish.


But just watch and see what happens once the fish is free of the filter:

Posted by Viral Thread on Monday, November 23, 2015

Pretty cute, huh? All he wanted to do was make sure the fish was alright, and then he was on his way again. I think this cat is a super hero – he is wearing a mask after all! Is your cat friends with a creature that would normally be considered prey? Tell us in the comments!