This Kitty Doesn’t Want A Bobcat Around His House

| Published on January 25, 2016

When you live out in rural areas with lots of wild life and nature surrounding your home, sometimes you get unexpected visitors showing up at your door. We’ve all heard stories about deer, bear, raccoon, and other guests arriving without notice, making for some great photographs and videos. Today we have a video of a beautiful bobcat approaching this family’s glass doors and their indoor kitty is not very happy about seeing this wild cat!

You can see this domestic kitty is standing its ground and telling the guest not to come near him or his home. His body language and screams make his point very clear. Although he seems pretty scared, the bobcat is acting relaxed regardless of his defensive position. He can see that the glass is keeping him from getting inside the house, he was just stopping by to check the place out!

Do you have any wild life that comes around your house? Share your story with us!

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