This Kitty Acts Like A Dog And So His Human Calls Him A Puppy Cat

We are all witnesses of the love and hate relationship between cats and dogs. These two creatures sometimes fight with each other and sometimes, they also love cuddling and playing together. But if one of them is trying to be like his companion, well, that’s an interesting story!

Meet Marley, an orange and white tomcat who lives in Westfield, Indiana. His owner calls him a puppy cat because he acts like a dog. Seriously? 😀 As his owner explains, Marley loves to walk on a leash, sit and shake hands and loves joyrides! Not only that, he also loves roundabouts and enjoys the swing in the playground. Pretty much like a dog. The only thing that he does not know is to bark! Hahaha!

That’s one cool cat, isn’t it! They say that every cat is unique, and this one just further proves that theory! Share this fun story to your cat-lover friends! 😀

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