This Kitten Meets A New Friend – What Happens Next Is Adorable

| Published on May 16, 2015

We love animal friendships! It’s so sweet and amazing how two animals form a beautiful friendship despite their differences! We love it even more when it involves a cat or a kitten. This animal friendship video we have for you is super cute. It includes two animals we most definitely love–an adorable puppy and a cute kitty.

An adorable little kitten just met a new friend, a cute Golden Retriever puppy. These two beautiful babies are bonding for the very first time. It seems like they love each other already. The puppy is even giving his new kitty friend some kisses. This is just too cute to miss! Watch the adorable video below!

Awwww…wasn’t that the cutest? I just wanna reach into my computer screen and give them both a hug!

Is your cat friendly with other animals? Share your stories and your videos with us!