Grieving Cat Is Given A Second Chance At Motherhood

Written by: Modi Ramos
| Published on May 14, 2015

It doesn’t matter if you are a human or an animal, losing a child is devastating loss like no other. And 3 babies all at once, well, that was enough to turn this mother cat seriously depressed and inconsolable. Mikey, a female cat from Houston, Texas, recently became a mother to a litter of three kittens. Sadly, the kittens were born prematurely, and no matter what her owner, Hilary, did to try and save them, one by one they took their final breath.

Hilary couldn’t stand to see her poor cat so plagued with sadness, endlessly searching for her kittens that were no longer alive throughout her home. Mikey quickly spiraled into a deep depression, and in her desperation Hilary contacted Dori’s Darlings Cat Rescue in Houston to see if there was any way that they could help. Quickly they worked their magic, and as fate had it they were housing a litter of three kittens that were only a week old–deeply in need of a mother’s care, love, and nourishment. The kittens, Teddy, Abby, and Lily needed Mikey just as badly as she needed them.

A photo of Mikey with her adopted litter:


It turns out that Mikey was a rescue cat herself, who was believed to be male cat at first by her new owners. It wasn’t until they brought her into the vet for a checkup and neutering that they learned she was a female–and a pregnant one at that. After enduring so much tragedy in less than a year of being alive, Mikey found hope with these tiny precious kittens that desperately needed her love and affection.

Look at how instinctually she cares for these babies, overcome with love:



Within minutes this mother and her kittens bonded, as she licked and nuzzled them, instantly making the once abandoned kittens welcomed with a mother’s love. Hours later the new family was happy, peaceful, and the love between a mother and her kittens had now formed an unbreakable bond. From that day forward, the kittens stayed with Mikey in her home where she could give them the adequate care that they needed.