Kitten Displays The Ultimate Affection For His Brother In This Funny Video

Like humans, kittens really love their siblings. Cats can show their love in a number of ways, but for a cat, grooming one another is one of the ultimate displays of affection. Cleanliness is very important to cats, and keeping their fur nice and tidy is something cats take great pride in. So if a cat chooses to do this for another, this is an ultimate portrayal of love.

Seamus and Angus are two Exotic Shorthair Orange Tabby cats that look almost identical, and are even hard to tell apart when put side by side. As you can see, this one brother takes his grooming sessions for his sibling very seriously, and seizes the opportunity to catch his brother off guard.

Watch as this grooming session takes a curious turn one kitty didn’t expect:

That’s one affectionate kitty! Do you think brother cat was expecting that? We don’t think so!

Written by Modi Ramos

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