This Funny Cat Runs The Roost!


“Osamu, please stop biting my tail, it’s irritating me!”

“But I’m helping you clean it!!”

“Osamu, how dare you even suggest my tail is dirty, hmp!” O-oh! Osamu has done it again. This little kitty sure can irritate Mother Ginger all the time! It’s a good thing she’s a kindhearted, older cat, because she just scolds and walks away!

Then again, it’s not just that one cat that he bugs. It’s like the whole household but he’s a kitten so they do try their best to be patient with him despite the fact that he eats their food. Or the times when he jumps and bothers them even when they just want to be left alone. He lies on top of them when they’re napping and rides them like a horse!

Osamu cracks me up! He’s a naughty, playful kitten that bugs the others because of his extra energy and playful spirit, but still I think everyone has a soft spot for him because they really do try to be patient. Share this and let’s see if other cats will tolerate his shenanigans! 🙂

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