7 Tips From Cats On How To Take Over The World


Your cat wants to talk to you. He feels you have not been using your skills or potential for world domination correctly. Being a cat, he has a natural knowledge of these things and is ready to share his tips on how to take over the world if you’re ready to listen. Want more tips? You can purchase the book, “You Need More Sleep: Advice From Cats” from Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

#1 – Keep ‘Em Guessing

1 You Need More Sleep_Keep Changing


#2 – Be Suspicious

2 You Need More Sleep_Personal Space

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#3 – Leave Your Messes

3 You Need More Sleep_Rest Assured


#4 – You ARE The GREATEST Gift

4 You Need More Sleep_Show You Care

#5 – Be Surprising and Persistent

5 You Need More Sleep_Smother With Intent


#6 – Think Before You Do

6 You Need More Sleep_Take A Moment

#7 – You Own Everything

7 You Need More Sleep_What's Theirs Is Now Yours

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