This Company Just Found The Perfect Way To Remember Your Pet

I’m going to talk about something sad for a moment, but don’t worry, it has a happy ending.

Recently I lost a friend. My best friend, actually. A friend I’ve stayed in touch with for over 15 years. We never attended school together, we didn’t grow up on the same sports team, in fact, I’ve never even grabbed coffee with her. But her death was one of the worst moments of my life.

I’m talking about my cat, Magic.

After she passed, I wanted to do something so that Magic was always with me. Memories are great, but sometimes something tangible is a little more meaningful.

I wasn’t sure what to do as a memorial till I saw this.

Brought to you by the brilliant minds at Cuddle Clones, this company will actually build a replica stuffed animal of your pet, from just a picture. Details are fully customizable, meaning if your cat had specific color features or even one eye, either can be done. If your kitty always had extra long whiskers, they can make it that way.

The company can do every type of pet as well, so don’t worry dog people or even hamster folks, you’re covered, too.

Finally, I’ve found a great way to keep Magic with me forever!

Even if you haven’t lost a pet, what a brilliant way to have your pet with you at the office, if you can’t actually bring the real thing. I am actually making one from my current cat, named Chicken, as well.

Prices start at $179 for smaller pets and $249 for larger pets like dogs and cats, but the authenticity is more than worth it. But, I would order sooner rather than later, as Cuddle Clones are becoming pretty popular and orders are quickly piling up.

To see more amazing examples, check out these images below.





To get your order in now, which I highly suggest, click here to get going, and check out their additional items, like figurines, and headstones.

Need more creative pet memorial gifts? Check our the iHeartDogs store.

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