This Cat & This Baby Are The Most Adorable Cuddle Buddies We’ve Ever Seen

| Published on May 1, 2016

Hey cat lovers! We just found the most adorable cat and baby photos that will have you smiling all day!

Reddit User dde0485 also known as denglish85 on Instagram, shared the cutest and most precious photos of his baby boy and his giant cat snuggling together. His cat named Puma was adopted by the family 10 years ago. And the newest member of the family, their baby boy named Ace, immediately made Puma his cuddle buddy!

A photo posted by Dallas (@denglish85) on

Puma is like a sweet big brother to Ace. He watches over Ace, and he lets Ace snuggle beside him. Clearly, Ace is also very fond of his feline big brother!

A photo posted by Dallas (@denglish85) on

And even as Ace grows older and bigger, the two still cuddle and take naps together.

Source: Dallas English via LoveMeow
Source: Dallas English via LoveMeow

Aren’t they the cutest?

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