This Cat Takes The Best Selfies We’ve Ever Seen!

| Published on January 16, 2016

We love taking selfies with our cats. We’ve even seen cats take “accidental” selfies of themselves. But we’ve never seen a cat who take selfies as amazing as Manny the Selfie Cat does!

Manny’s selfie photos are circulating on the internet and everybody just loves them; and that’s because Manny takes absolutely beautiful selfies. Check out his selfie photos below!

A photo posted by @yoremahm on

According to a post by LoveMeow, Manny is fascinated by GoPro cameras, and when he sees one, he reaches out to it. This kitty is always ready for a photoshoot. And since this kitty is just gorgeous, he’s always picture perfect!

A photo posted by @yoremahm on

Here’s Manny taking a selfie of himself doing his version of the “duckface”

A photo posted by @yoremahm on

And look! There’s a photobomber behind him!

A photo posted by @yoremahm on

Manny doesn’t only take photos of himself. He takes groufie (group selfies) photos of him and his dog buddies too!

A photo posted by @yoremahm on

Just look at how adorable they are! Perfect squad photo!

A photo posted by @yoremahm on

They are all so beautiful, aren’t they?

You can see more photos of Manny and his dog buddies at their human’s Instragram account at

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