Cat Lover In Istanbul Braces The Elements To Make Sure The Kitties Are Fed


Her name is Vera. She is a great, inspiring animal lover form Kartal, Istanbul. She brings extra large bags of cat food and what looks like delicious chicken legs, for these feral cats who live near the shoreline and are stuck out in the harshest conditions of wintertime. She has gathered volunteers that come with her to make sure all of these kitties get plenty of food and fill their tummies in these unforgiving cold seasons. During the snowy months like this, it is extremely harder for cats to find and scavenge for food since everything is covered in feet of icy snow and small prey are all hiding away from the cold.

According to Atalar Sahili Kedi Kisirlastirma Grubu, “In this video, the sea coast of Kartal in Istanbul is around 8 km long. There are around 350 cats living on the coast between the stones.” The rescue group also stated that they closely observe which cats may be sick or injured, and bring them into the vet for treatment so they can live a happy healthy life. Last year, they were able to sterilize 167 cats! So kind and humane of this rescue group to go out in the cold to do this for animals, we need more people to pitch in and volunteer to help animals in need!

The feeling of watching all of these sweet hungry cats gather around to eat the food they graciously brought for them gives them the greatest satisfaction of all, and keeps them coming back volunteering to help.

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