This Cat & Rabbit Have One Of The Most Adorable Friendships Ever!


Is your cat friendly to other animals? While some cats love to chase and hunt animals, this cat named Gus is best friends with a rabbit.

Meet Wallace the rabbit and Gus the cat! Not only do these two share the same fur color, they also share one of the most beautiful, most adorable friendships we’ve ever seen! Gus and Wallace jut love to be with each other. And we can tell that they absolutely love one another! They look awesome in photos too!


Wallace and Gus are seriously cute they have over 10,000 followers on Instagram!


Watch the video below and see how sweet and adorable Gus and Wallace are!


Awww…aren’t they the cutest?!

For more adorable videos and photos of Wallace and Gus, follow them on Instagram!

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