This Cat Has The Most Stunningly Beautiful Blue Eyes You Have Ever Seen!

| Published on June 18, 2015

Cats’ eyes are beautiful and amazing. Not only do they look beautiful in appearance, their eyesight are so much better than humans too. When it comes to seeing in the dark or in low light, cats can definitely see better than us. Cats can see clearly in only one sixth the light we humans need to see well.

Speaking of cats’ eyes, this cat has the most stunningly beautiful blue eyes I have ever seen! His name is Yaro and he is a Turkish Angora. If you stare into Yaro’s eyes, it’s like he has a whole universe in them! His eyes are so gorgeous that he’s attracting followers all around the globe!


Here’s a closer look of Yaro’s gorgeous blue eyes!


Check out this video of Yaro!

다시봐도 이쁜 할배 동영상..^^;

Posted by 다산김다정 on Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Isn’t he gorgeous?! I can stare at his eyes forever!!

You can see more photos and videos of Yaro at