This Cat Saved This Soldier’s Life & The Soldier Returned The Favor By Giving Him A Forever Home!

Staff Sergeant Jesse Knott has seen many things that we cannot even imagine. He has served active duty in Afghanistan during the height of the war against the Taliban and eventually lost very close friends and a big part of himself.

Luckily for him, he had a savior show up a little cat named Kashka. Kashka was a stray cat roaming Afghanistan that often showed up around Sgt. Knott’s camp in relatively poor shape, so when Sgt. Knott took Kashka in, the two became very close.

When Sgt. Knott heard the news that two very good friends were killed in action, the only one there to comfort him was Kashka. Without Kashka, Sgt. Knott knows he wouldn’t be alive or where he is today after the rough struggles he faced at war. When it was time to finally return home, he couldn’t bear to leave Kashka behind and went through a lot of work to bring him home.

Watch their moving story below:

This rescue story truly has an amazing ending. After weeks of traveling and thousands of dollars spent, Kashka made it home to Sgt. Knott and his family. The two really saved each other and Sgt. Knott knows that he wouldn’t be alive today without this little kitty. Special thanks to CNN for sharing this incredible story.

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