This Alpaca Just Thinks She’s One Of The Cats!

Written by: Modi Ramos
| Published on July 31, 2015

When an animal grows up with a cat, sometimes it’s interesting the way they can take after the feline kind. When cats share their affections, they can lure animals in and get them right in the palm of their hand… or should we say, paw! For this alpaca, she was raised in a family with cats and even bottle fed by her humans. Lacey, the alpaca baby, was born in the winter in her home of Alberta, Canada.

For anyone who knows anything about winters in Canada, it can reach extremely cold temperatures. Lacey’s family didn’t want her to suffer, so they allowed her to sleep indoors. Quickly little Lacey bonded with the house cats, and as she grew, they all became the best of friends. Take a look:

Source: Lacey the Alpaca Snuggles with the Cats by AtoZAlpacas on Rumble

Aren’t they precious? Lacey feels perfectly comfortable just kicking it with the kitties! Share this sweet story with your feline-loving friends!