Mama Cat Shows This Toddler How She Carries Her Kitten

| Published on July 31, 2015

This toddler was introduced to her cat’s babies and wanted to hold them on her own. She’s got a tiny kitten in her hands, but mama cat is a little upset about it. When her kitten starts crying, she wants to rescue it and show the little girl how to hold the kitten properly. Although she looks a little distressed, mama cat just wants to make sure that her baby is kept safe and doesn’t yet trust the toddler to handle her properly. She shows amazing restraint and gentility toward the little girl, even as she patiently takes her baby away. When mama cat takes her baby away, she looks determined to teach everyone the right way to hold her baby!

Fortunately, it looks like the dispute was settled safely and now that the little girl got her chance at holding the kitten, she won’t be bothering mama cat and her babies anymore. It’s important to teach children how to carefully hold animals, and this little girl was doing just fine, but mama cat was too nervous about it!