This 2-Day-Old Cat Was Found On The Side Of The Road…What Rescuers Saw Next Was Amazing

| Published on June 17, 2015

There’s nothing like an adorable kitten and dog friendship to warm your heart. Meet Kitty and Pitty. When this cat and dog duo was found by rescuers on the side of the street in Texas, Kitty was just 2 days old and being nursed by Pitty, a pitbull dog. It was clear the two shared an incredible bond, but Pitty’s milk was drying up, and Kitty’s health needed urgent attention.

When they were briefly separated so Kitty could be fed, Pitty started howling in despair. Soon, the two were reunited at Mercy Animal Clinic, where their unbreakable closeness was evident yet again. Pitty watched diligently as veterinary staff fed Kitty, helping the sweet girl regain her strength. When the feeding was done, the motherly dog stayed close to her kitten baby, nuzzling and affectionately licking her head. Such an inspiring, sweet story.

A very happy reunion this morning! Pittie is thrilled to have her Kitty back.

Posted by Mercy Animal Clinic on Monday, March 23, 2015

Do you have a dog and cat pair who are as inseparable as Pitty and Kitty? Share your stories below! Animal friendship is the best (and…let’s be honest…cutest) kind of friendship.