20 Cats Who Really Love Their Boxes

Written by: Modi Ramos
| Published on June 17, 2015

We all know that cats love to hide in boxes. No matter how big or small cats love to feel tiny and cute cozied up right inside of an empty (usually cardboard) box. But we can’t help but laugh at how precious they can be, especially when those boxes are just a tad (or a lot) too small for them. Take a look at this funny collection of 20 cats who really love their boxes and be prepared to smile, or perhaps even get a good laugh!


3985886435_ae8106a277_zSource: Nicola Romagna via Flickr

3847864550_b5f8fcc789_zSource: Stephen Woods via Flickr

10931065244_96ee86b836_zSource: Wolfgang Lonien via Flickr

4237702332_d3c25695c5_zSource: Takashi Hososhima via Flickr

11365663324_51ebc76a7b_zSource: Brian Fagan via Flickr
2101291823_72b95076b2_zSource: Fuzzy Gerdes via Flickr
11390021285_8fd541a9b4_zSource: Helena Jacoba via Flickr
65258550_572fd0fc23_zSource: pwever via Flickr
2156380416_60b8f53607_zSource: Lori Branham via Flickr
8463948594_eeef81bd9b_zSource: Helena Jacoba via Flickr


8320792680_3daf0a2086_zSource: Shiela Sund via Flickr
16015400905_c0ec1f4077_zSource: Jeffrey Zeldman via Flickr
11786387915_7b4000d741_zSource: GS-Bob via Flickr
8312455766_7560841d5c_zSource: jacme31 via Flickr
4664045196_72d616d505_zSource: Stefan Ledwina via Flickr
6155428675_239638a0f3_zSource: Mel via Flickr
4552391968_9db3e0669a_zSource: Kelley via Flickr
7139125991_77eccca990_zSource: yoppy via Flickr
9555698437_054d0d2a33_zSource: Adriano Makato Suzuki via Flickr