These Hilarious Illustrations Purrfectly Describe Life With Cats

We love cats in all their quirky glory, so it’s no surprise that when we find an artist who can purrfectly capture their odd antics, we just have to share!

Kelly Angel lives in England and hilariously credits her creative inspiration to her time spent with her cat.

“The lack of a social life gives me lots of free time to observe the weird things my cat does or laugh at pictures of animals doing people things,” she writes on, her website.

Lucky for us, her “open schedule” has lead to the creation of some pretty amazing comics. And for the record: we’d be friends with you, Kelly!

Check out these pieces from and get ready to laugh out loud:

Adventures Of An Annoying Cat 1

C Adventures Of An Annoying Cat 1

Adventures Of An Annoying Cat 2

C Adventures of an annoying cat 2

Art Blocked

C Art Blocked
Image Source:

Cat Cave

C Cat Cave


Catwalk Kitty

C Catwalk Kitty

What A Mess

C Catwalk Kitty

Fridays Are For Partying

C Fridays are for partying

Happiness In Cats

C Happiness In Cats

Language Of Cats

C Language of Cats 4


C Petris

Things Your Cat Is Useful For

C Things Your Cat Is Useful For


Like what you see? Check out Kelly’s Kickstarter page to help launch a published collection of Anything About Nothing.

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