These Cats Made The Wrong Choice Of Smelling Things They’re Curious About

| Published on November 19, 2015

When we come across something really strange, our curious nature will often tell us to investigate and find out what that strange thing is. We usually assess things by looking at it first, then we may further investigate by smelling it. However, smelling a strange and curious thing may sometimes be the wrong choice–especially if that thing has a foul odor!

The curious cats in the video below just made the wrong choice of smelling things they were curious about. You can see in their faces how much they regretted their decision of putting their nose near such a foul-smelling object!

Man, that must be some horribly-smelling stuff you smelled there, kitty!

Watch the hilarious video below and see their funny reactions!

Awww…the poor kitties! Those facial expressions are hilarious though! LOL!

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