Their Parents Wanted A Dog But Were Shown That Cats Can Be Adventurous


Fish isn’t your ordinary feline. In fact, he’s proven to be a very special cat. His parents were looking for a dog when they found him, thinking that they needed a canine companion to join them on their many outdoor adventures. But Fish proved to them that cats can be just as courageous in the wilderness. Thankfully, his humans instantly fell in love with their little feline friend, even though they had no idea just what was in store on their hikes and camping trips.

With Fish turning out to be more amazing than they ever thought possible, they decided to adopt a baby brother for him. This little kitten, named Chips, is learning the ropes of outdoor adventuring from his older brother. To document their incredible exploits, their humans decided to keep a photo collection through Instagram. Of course, there’s no better name than The Adventures of Fish and Chips!


As their owners state, these little felines are ready to explore and climb “every meowntain,” from their home on Vancouver Island and beyond. Whether these little cats think they’re dogs or not, they certainly show that felines can make active companions when given the opportunity. We’re certainly inspired by this courageous duo! Special thanks to The Dodo for this adorable story.

Written by Katie Finlay
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