The Power Of The Internet Gave This Special Needs Kitten Loving Forever Home – MUST WATCH

| Published on June 2, 2015

Because of the internet and smartphones, information is easily spread to the masses. Especially when videos go viral, or when there’s some shocking, breaking news, it gets easily broadcasted and circulated all throughout the world. Because of this amazing technology, a lot of lives are saved.

Bebe is one of those animals who is saved through the power of the internet. Bebe is a special needs kitten with Manx Syndrome. He has two missing vertebrae and he does not have control over his bowels. His rescuers, Cats at the Studios Rescue, together with The Pet Collective, made a video featuring Bebe to educate people about Manx Syndrome. Then something magical happened! People started reaching out to them to ask about Bebe! Watch the video below for the full story!

Isn’t it amazing?! Because of that video, Bebe found a loving, forever home!

So whenever we see a video of an animal in need, or if we stumble upon one of those heartwarming rescue videos, we share it with you guys. We urge you to share the videos too. You never know, you might just save a life!