Cats And Mirrors: A Spectrum Of Hilarious Reactions

| Published on June 2, 2015

How did your cat react when he/she first saw a mirror?

Cats have different reactions when they see a mirror for the first time. Some are completely stunned by it, as if they’re amazed by their own beauty. Most cats think it’s another cat they’re seeing, so they either try to play with their own reflection or declare war against the strange cat in the mirror!

This video by The Dodo features the different reactions that cats display when the see a mirror; reactions like curiosity and questioning and sheer horror. This video compilation is one of the best I have ever seen. Watch the funny and adorable video below!

LOL! My favorite was the cat slowly touching the mirror…questioning the existence of the cat in the mirror!

So which of these reactions is similar to your cat’s reaction? Share your stories with us in the comments section below!