What All Cat Parents Should Know Before Giving Or Receiving Flowers

If you’re a cat parent, you may already know that certain plants pose a threat against our beloved felines. Although friends and family members may send us beautiful bouquets out of love, it’s imperative for us to know if these well-intentioned gifts may be poisonous to our purring pals. Our cat’s safety is our number one priority, so gently informing loved ones which flowers are safe — or saying that you’d prefer to get no blooms at all — may … Read more

Vet Saves Poisoned Cat’s Life With An Unexpected Antidote

One very sick kitty has a new lease on life and a fun new name thanks to the quick-thinking of a veterinarian at Australia’s RSPCA Animal Emergency Hospital at Wacol. “Tipsy” the tomcat was saved from certain death with an IV infusion of ethanol – in the form of vodka – after ingesting a toxic dose of antifreeze.   The one-year-old stray kitty was found in a deadly state outside a Lowood, Australia tire shop last week. He was hypothermic … Read more

10 Plants That Are Toxic To Cats

Even if we’re living in a concrete jungle with our feline friends, we probably have some plants around our homes. I mean, if we can take care of animals, we can keep plants alive, right? Some of us even love to garden, and our cats can hang out and keep us company while we care for those leafy greens and delicious veggies. But while some of these plants might be nutritious for us, they may be dangerous to our kitties. … Read more