While Most Shelters Euthanize FeLV+ Cats, This One Does Things Differently

The incredible rescuers at Austin Pets Alive! have set their sights on a subset of cats often overlooked by adopters and needlessly euthanized in American shelters. Their mission has spared hundreds of cats with feline leukemia from certain death. It has also inspired a research partnership with the University of Florida. They hope to find a cure for the virus by studying the large population of FeLV positive cats awaiting their forever homes at the Austin non-profit.   Shelters across … Read more

Scammers Offer To Reunite Woman With Her Lost Cat – For A Price

At the end of July, Rachel Dean of Dickinson, Texas came home to find something amiss. Her beautiful 10-year-old cat, Romeo, was not snoozing on the front step as usual. In fact, the indoor/outdoor kitty was nowhere to be found. Dean posted lost cat flyers with her phone number around the neighborhood. On August 6, she began receiving cryptic calls from two different numbers and demands for cash in exchange for Romeo’s return.   Dean told Chron.com that the caller … Read more

Vet Who Shot Cat With Arrow & Posted Photos Online Loses In Court Again

If you saw this infamous story in the spring of 2015, you’ll probably never forget: Texas dweller Kristin Lindsey shot Tiger, her neighbor’s cat, with an arrow when it wandered into her yard. Afterward, she proudly posed with the ginger tabby’s body and posted the photos on Facebook. Aside from the unspeakable cruelty of her actions and the heartbreak it must’ve caused the kitty’s family, the worst part of the case is that Lindsey is a veterinarian. Legal action was pursued, … Read more

New City Law Makes Microchipping Mandatory & Puts Limits On Breeding

Pet parents in Dallas, Texas are about to see a change in what’s considered to be responsible pet ownership. The Dallas City Council voted on Wednesday to pass a law ordering mandatory microchips for dogs and cats and limited breeding. A department of Dallas Animal Services will enforce the new laws to ensure that pet owners comply. The change is brought on in hopes of reducing the number of stray animals roaming city streets and to relieve pressure from overfilled shelters. Neighborhood … Read more

Kitty’s Special Legs Are Purrfect For Hugging Her New Rescuers

Emmy Lou Sugarbean aka Truckasaurus the Cat has a list of special physical characteristics as long as her name(s)! She was born with radial hypoplasia causing her forelimbs to be shortened and curve inward as if she is permanently ready for a hug. She also has slightly malformed eyelids that do not fully open, giving her a permanent sad appearance. Finally, Emmy has heterochromia, meaning her lovely eyes are two different colors – one green, one blue. Emmy Lou was … Read more