4 Fun Ways To Give Your Cat More Room To Explore

More and more we’re seeing cats being kept as inside pets only, and there is good reason for this. The great outdoors, even in your neighborhood, are full of dangers for our domestic felines. Dogs, coyotes, other wildlife, cars, cruel humans, infectious diseases, and even other cats are all reasons to keep your kitty confined in the safety of your home. With that said, being inside the house all the time without any feline-specific entertainment might get a little boring. … Read more

5 Space-Saving Cat Perches

A good perch is one of your cat’s basic necessities. In the wild, cats perch up high to stay safe from predators, hunt prey, and generally keep a close eye on everything that’s happening around them. Perching helps them feel safe and confident while also providing exercise and opportunities to stretch. Cat trees are great, but they aren’t right for every home. If you live in a small space you may find yourself struggling to provide the kind of vertical … Read more