Senior Cat Thrown Out Of House Walks Until He Can’t Take Another Step

Warning: Some of the images below may be disturbing for some readers. Some cats are abandoned long before they’re actually turned out on the streets. According to a post by Animal Advocates Rescue Society, Ozzie’s owner gave up on him while he still had a roof over his head. Although he lived in the house, the cat was a portrait of neglect — mostly skin, bones, rotten teeth, and pieces of a broken heart. He was a homeless cat who, at least … Read more

Shelter Cats Visit Seniors Who Can’t Have Pets

In Bangor, Maine, the Cats On Laps program brings adoptable cats to visit the residents of the Phillips Strickland House, a senior home. The kitties, who reside at the Bangor Humane Society, get to enjoy the outing, while the senior residents, who can no longer care for pets, get to spend time with their furry friends. Not only does this brighten up everyone’s day, but it helps socialize the cats in preparation for adoption. How cute is this?! Former BHS foster … Read more

Senior Cat Who Spent Her Life As A “Breeding Machine” Gets Saved

Bengal beauty Trixie didn’t spend her life being loved and spoiled like a lucky cat who’s found their way into a wonderful forever home. Instead she lived with an irresponsible breeder, whose property was crowded with over 60 other neglected Bengals. Thankfully, this kitty was rescued in time to enjoy the better part of her golden years. At 11-years-old, she’s thought to have been bred for a decade, used as a “breeding machine” to have litters of kittens every year … Read more

Woman Asks Shelter For “Their Least Adoptable Cat,” Gives Skittish Senior A Forever Home

After a series of disheartening events, a 22-year-old woman named Madeleine decided it was time to adopt a feline friend for comfort and company. In a post on Imgur, her proud big sister writes about her decision to take a new companion home. She says of her younger sis, “…in the last two years, she lost two friends and our dad. She also went through a rough relationship patch and retired from her professional ballet career.”   Madeleine took a trip to the animal … Read more

From The Vet: What Your Senior Cat’s Weight Says About Their Health

You know your senior cat better than anyone. You’ve probably had her with you for years.  But since you see her every day, you might not notice changes in her body weight. The trouble is that sometimes minor changes in weight can be a hint at bigger problems. Because of the types of health issues that are more common in senior cats, weight loss is more often a complaint than weight gain (although there are problems that might present themselves as … Read more

Ask A Vet: How Can I Tell If My Cat Has Arthritis?

Arthritis (more accurately, osteoarthritis or OA) is irritation of the joints and is a painful and common disease. Any creature with bones and joints is at risk. There is even more risk in cases where there have been bone and joint injuries or excessive use.  Normal wear and tear and aging changes can lead to osteoarthritis.  Ask any person older than 40 and you will probably hear reports of joint popping and stiffness.  The fact is…arthritis seems to be very … Read more

Man Intends To Adopt A Kitten, Takes Home A 12-Year-Old Senior Cat Instead

When a university student named Paul decided to get a pet, he knew that a cat would be the perfect choice. “I wanted a cat because cats are generally low maintenance pets that also provide a lot of emotional support and amusement, which is especially helpful in the stressful environment of a university,” he explained to iHeartCats.   So, he took a trip to the shelter, intending to adopt a spunky, wide-eyed kitten. But as he walked around looking into the cages … Read more

“Mysterious Animal” In Road Turns Out To Be A Matted Senior Cat

One evening last week in Southampton, New York, a woman was driving when she saw a mysterious animal standing still in the middle of the road. Although she wasn’t sure what it was, the good Samaritan pulled over to see if she could help.   Imagine her surprise when she realized that it was not a wild animal, but a severely matted cat! The poor thing was hardly recognizable, and had a hard time moving because its fur was stuck in big, heavy clumps. The … Read more

Cat Journeys To Nursing Home To Reunite With Beloved Elderly Owner

When Nancy Cowen moved into the Bramley House nursing home in Westcott, Dorking, Surrey in the UK, she thought she’d have to give up her beloved cat of eight years. Cleo had been found as a stray, and Nancy had taken her in. The two were wonderful companions until Nancy had to relocate. Because Cleo couldn’t join her, the kitty was to stay with a neighbor. But Cleo had other plans. Two weeks after Nancy moved, the courageous cat showed up at the … Read more

Couple Saves Senior Cat Siblings From Shelter So They Can Enjoy Their Golden Years Together

Kitty and Smokey, a sister and brother, have always been inseparable. So when they ended up in a shelter where they could’ve been separated (or worse!), cat lover Karyn Poplin knew she had to rescue the pair. Along with her husband, Karyn owns the Kitty Adventure Rescue League & Sanctuary in Fort Worth, Texas. The kitty retirement community provides “life-long care to disabled, special needs, and elderly cats,” explains their Facebook page. So when the Poplins learned of 18-year-old Kitty and her … Read more