An Important Warning To Senior Cat Owners Who Have Wood or Tile Floors

As you watch your cat get older, you’ll notice several changes from his appearance to his behavior. Age brings new memories, but it also brings a few problems. You may notice your cat being a little more careful with his movements, and having some trouble getting around the way he used to. Hard floors can make movement especially difficult, and although cats may be nimble, slipping and falling isn’t impossible. For a cat with arthritis or joint issues, it can … Read more

One Important Nutrient That Helps Your Cat’s Body Reduce Inflammation

If your cat suffers from any inflammation-related problems, such as arthritis, itchy skin, ulcerative colitis, inflammatory bowel disease, asthma, or various skin diseases, then you’re probably desperate for anything that might help your kitty feel better. Luckily, there is one particular nutrient that may be lacking in your cat’s food that may help reduce inflammation. Omega-3 fatty acids, commonly found in fish oil, are a well-researched supplement for reducing inflammation. According to VCA Animal Hospital: “Fish oil supplements are among … Read more

If You’ve Noticed Your Cat Limping Or Any Stiffness, Do These 4 Things Immediately

Watching your cat age is unavoidable, but there are ways you can make their adult life as comfortable and painless as possible. Cats as young as five are at risk of developing stiffness in their joints. They gradually spend more time lying down than playing, and you might notice them walking with a limp or taking longer than usual to climb a flight of stairs. Joint health in cats is affected by diet, weight, and daily lifestyle. The cartilage that … Read more